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Prepare your boat before summer in 5 steps

The summer season is fast approaching! Your main concern as a boater is to know if your boat is ready for the season. First and foremost, you should know that if you have taken care to properly winterize your boat beforehand, your work will be much smoother and less painful.

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During this article, we will see the 5 CRUCIAL steps for the right preparation of your boat before the start of the summer season. The objective is that you can fully enjoy your ship with a navigation without headaches.

Table of contents

External control

It is necessary to check the condition of the hull in order to determine if it needs a refit or not (in case of wintering afloat). Remember to check if the gelcoat has not degraded during the months spent in wintering, this could be a yellowing of the hull, the presence of impacts or scratches for example. Finally, make sure that the fittings, the mooring lines and the steering system are in good condition.

Engine control 

If you have thought about winterizing your engine beforehand, this step is very quick since you won't need to change the oil. Look for any leaks or corrosion. Then check the various filters and spark plugs and replace them if necessary. Finally, start the engine and run it for 10 minutes while greasing the moving parts.

Onboard equipment control

To begin with, you should check the equipment on board, such as the electronics, the air conditioning system (if the boat is equipped with one), the gas system and the batteries. To do this, make sure that the equipment is watertight, that there are no leaks and that all hoses are well connected. Then, test the proper functioning of the equipment. For example, connect the batteries and check that they do not discharge too quickly.

Security control

Depending on the type of sailing you do, how often you use your boat, etc., you may need to purchase a safety equipment kit. Make sure your vessel has all its safety equipment. If so, as you probably already know, some safety equipment has an expiration date. Pay particular attention to the expiration date of each piece of equipment such as the flares or the fire extinguisher for example. If necessary, replace it immediately.

Complete cleaning

The complete cleaning can be a rather painful task but it is CRUCIAL for your boat. It is an operation that must be done with care and precision. Of course to avoid all the hard work you can hire professionals if you prefer. By neglecting the cleaning, you expose your boat to different risks such as mould, repair and maintenance costs, etc. Not to mention how bad your boat will look in the summer sun.

What you need to remember

It may seem trivial to put so much emphasis on preparing your boat for the summer season. However, this simple 5-step check-up is an operation to be followed meticulously, so that you can enjoy a boat with good sailing performance and a proud look... All this, so that YOU can fully enjoy the season, without bad surprises.

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