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Offre APRIL Marine & Boatngo

Boatngo x April Marine

Each APRIL MARINE policyholder is offered the Boatngo subscription for the duration of their insurance contract
0 Annually
  • 10% discount on Boatngo maintenance services*
  • 1 hour of free labor per year for a repair**
  • 1 complete annual diagnosis of your boat, performed by a professional
  • 1 unique and dedicated contact for the maintenance of your boat all year long
APRIL Marine & Boatngo

Who is Boatngo for ?

At the beginning, when you are a boat owner, it is wonderful. Everything is new, new landscapes, new pleasures, new encounters...

Puis au bout d’un certain temps, on décèle toutes les tâches nécessaires et importantes à réaliser pour le bon entretien de son bateau : hivernage, carénage, révision moteur…

But also unforeseen events : breakdown in season, collision, part to replace...

At this point, the wonderful can quickly turn into a nightmare, thinking about the different professionals to find according to each trade, while ensuring their expertise, their availability and all for a fair price. What a hassle !

Today, with Boatngo, it's all the opposite ! By call or directly through our online platform Boatngo.co you describe your needs. We will take care of your request within 48 hours.

APRIL Marine & Boatngo

TADA ! Don't even lift a finger, we coordinate your different needs according to your constraints. And your boat will benefit from services performed by experts, at the right price.

Boatngo & APRIL Marine

How does it work ?

1. Vous exprimez votre besoin via nos formulaires de devis en ligne;

2. Within 48 hours, we select the best partner, expert and available;

3. A Boatngo expert coordinates and follows up with you throughout the service;

4. Un rapport d’intervention détaillé vous ait envoyé et incorporé dans votre carnet d’entretien digital;

5. Boatngo accompanies and advises the owner for the complete annual maintenance of his boat;

What are the benefits ?

°A single point of contact for all your boat-related needs;

°A fair price for quality services;

°A dedicated team that accompanies you throughout the year and the services;

°A network of certified professionals;

°The maintenance of your boat with complete peace of mind and a controlled budget;

*applicable on labor 

**Breakdown service at the dock, excluding travel expenses

Free call

+33 4 51 45 33 10

Laissez-nous vos coordonnées et nous vous rappelons dans les plus brefs délais.