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Renting your boat at the dock : the new idea to cover your expenses

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Whether you own a motorboat or a sailboat, you know that maintenance costs are often high. Sometimes, the costs of maintenance, repairs, or expenses related to work to be done on board can be difficult to bear. But to cover these costs, have you ever thought of offering your boat for rent at the dock ? Our team presents you some of the advantages of this new solution.

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What is a dockside boat rental ?

Today we're talking about a increasingly common practicewhich consists in offering your boat for charter, dockside and for the time of one or more nights, to visitors who will sleep on board, in port. But did you know that this idea is particularly interesting for yacht owners ? Here we explain why.

More frequent use of the boat

Let's start with a simple observation : a vessel that isn't visited, or isn't used, is a vessel that gets damaged and may fear vandalism. When you're an owner, offering your boat as accommodation is therefore above all a way of using your unit more regularly, and guaranteeing its surveillance.

The spaces used are more regularly maintained, and better ventilated. Onboard, equipment used more frequently is better preserved over time : it does not need to be replaced as often as when it is underused.

However, the owner does not forget about his possibilities of using the boat : he keeps the hand on the planning and decides which periods are proposed to the rent. The rest of the time, he is free to enjoy his boat as he wishes.

The guarantee of the respect of the ship

Renting a boat doesn't mean taking risks : as the vessel is rented exclusively from the quayside, the owner is protected from any damage that might be caused on the move, in port or at sea.

At dockside, engine hours don't climb ! The boat's motorization and navigation equipment are not stressed and are not at risk of damage. There are no equipment downgrades and no additional costs to anticipate.

A deposit is required from renters to guarantee good behavior on board, as well as respect for the vessel. Finally, it's easy for the owner to take out a suitable contract with a specialist insurance company, to be covered in the context of his activity.

Maintenance expenses absorbed

Renting out your boat, even when docked, provides a non-negligible source of income. This additional income can, for example, offset recurring maintenance, upkeep or repair costs. With the expenses associated with the various charges absorbed, the owner finds a more comfortable balance in the management of his boat: he invests in the upkeep of his unit instead of just spending money.

In addition, some managers offer to take care of the professional cleaning of the vessel between the different tenants.

BedBoat, a platform dedicated to boat rental

If you also want to rent your vessel as an accommodation solution, Boatngo recommends BedBoat ! On this professional platform, you will meet the experts you need to accompany you in the provision of your docked unit.

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