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Boat careening in Monaco

Carénage de bateau dans la principauté de Monaco

Is your boat in or near Monaco in the Mediterranean ? The hull of your boat is regularly exposed to a multitude of environmental factors : algae, shellfish, coral... which can leave their mark on the hull and superstructure of your boat. These marine elements can not only alter the aesthetics of your boat, but also make boat maneuvers more complex. Your journey at sea is slowed down, and your vessel no longer moves as it should. The propeller also contains foreign elements, which can increase fuel consumption. Nothing could be simpler than a boat careening. In this way, you thoroughly clean your boat, dislodging undesirable elements that hinder your navigation.

L’idéal est de réaliser le carénage de la coque d’un bateau une fois par an, de préférence en début de saison. Le carénage bateau est un service que Boatngo peut réaliser pour vous permettre de redécouvrir le plaisir de naviguer. Votre bateau est amarré à Monaco ? N’attendez pas pour réserver un carénage ou un nettoyage de coque bateau. Protégez votre navire de problèmes éventuels comme l’électrolyse, l’osmose ou encore la corrosion en faisant confiance à l’équipe professionnelle de Boatngo pour entretien de bateau Monaco.


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Answers to frequently asked questions

Much more than a simple maintenance operation, it's an important process that prepares your boat's hull for future sailing in the best possible conditions. Give your boat a new lease of life before you set sail again ! Regular cleaning of the hull of your motorboat or sailboat is essential. What's the point ? To remove algae deposits, stubborn shells and other residues. After this step, a professional team inspects the entire hull of the boat. This process detects any damage or defects that may require repair.

A coat of antifouling paint is then added. This is designed to prevent the development of marine organisms. This paint keeps the hull clean, and promotes smoother sailing. Don't hesitate to choose a trusted professional like Boatngo for your boat careening. Your boat will be ready to take on the sea !

Above all, they are necessary and essential steps to guarantee your safety. Each of them requires special attention if they are to be carried out properly. First of all, it's important to clean and strip your boat's hull. The aim of this first step is to create a clean surface. It also ensures better adhesion for the application of antifouling, which is the next step. Once the boat hull has been careened, it can be polished to restore its original shine. If defects are detected, the damage must of course be repaired to prevent problems worsening over time. Identified a damaged area ? Don't wait to carry out a gelcoat repair and preserve the hull in its entirety. To ensure that this process is carried out professionally, you can call on the Boatngo company.

Boat maintenance can be more complex than it sounds. Although some people can undertake this work, it requires time, the right tools and specific skills. For example, when carrying out a boat careening, you may need to use chemicals such as acid to deep clean, or powerful tools to remove marine deposits. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to get the job done : with Boatngo in Monaco, you'll get results that exceed your expectations, in the shortest possible time.

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