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Who are we ?

The two best moments in the life of a boat owner are the purchase and the sale of his vessel.

It is an expression that comes up often, on the docks or pontoons, in the harbors, during discussions between boaters. And what a statement ! Would the upkeep of a boat, its maintenance and the repairs to be carried out on board be so difficult, costly and time-consuming that they would make owners regret having chosen to buy a boat ?

Tanguy and Julien, who met on the benches of the school, refuse the idea according to which the owners should be slaves of their ships. It is impossible for them to give up a boat purchase project for fear of not being up to the task ! They are certain of it : boaters need professionals they can trust, offering them skills, able to intervene quickly and at a reasonable price.


One project : facilitate the maintenance and repair of boats

Together they decided to become business leaders and create Boatngo. They set themselves the challenge of revolutionizing the world of boating to make the lives of boaters easier and improve their daily lives and experiences.

They are passionate about this sector of activity where there are many stakes, opportunities, and especially great possibilities of innovation : boating and pleasure boating are starting to age, and there are many elements to rethink in order to evolve the practice of sailing. Tanguy and Julien agree on a new common mission which is particularly close to their hearts : to give back the pleasure of sailing to all French pleasure boat owners.


Skills - Reliability - Speed - Fair price

The founders of Boatngo want to offer boaters the possibility to free themselves from the constraints of boat maintenance and repair by offering them turnkey solutions. The goal is simple : they intend to allow them to take more pleasure by sailing more often, and especially more serenely.


Complementary profiles

Tanguy has worked for several years in the nautical sector in different positions, mainly commercial. A true enthusiast, he has been cruising since he was very young, especially on the French coast. His great knowledge of the nautical environment and the problems that can be encountered by the owners of motorboats and sailboats are strong assets for his mission within Boatngo.

Formerly the right-hand man of the CEO of a large group, Julien has been closely involved in the world of customer service. With this experience, he has become a customer service expert who brings a new and different perspective to the world of boating. A real force of proposal, he is also the one who often takes a step back and questions, to revolutionize the uses that are no longer adapted to the needs of boaters.


Professionalism and transparency

Together, they complement each other to form an expert team and offer quality services. To satisfy the boaters, they offer services at the right price, with the possibility to follow the interventions in a detailed way. Thanks to Boatngo and its partners, each case is handled with mastery, transparency and personalized support.

You have understood that the real added value of Boatngo is a professional, motivated and dedicated team, in whom you can have total confidence.

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