With Boatngo, sail with a light spirit !


The privilege card

All the management of your boat inside a single card. 

359 € / year

10% discount on Boatngo maintenance services*

1 complete annual diagnosis of your boat

Pay for your services in 1, 2 or 3 times

Your files are treated in priority

A maintenance schedule dedicated to your boat


Boatngo Privilege Card

With the Boatngo Privilege Card, become a privileged boater and offer yourself the possibility to sail with a light spirit !

Certified professionals - Quality services - Short delays - The right price

Benefit from professional skills and the best rates for all boat maintenance and repair operations. And this, as soon as you need it !

If you own a motorboat or a sailboat, don't hesitate : you will enjoy exclusive advantages all year round and will be able to go out on your boat whenever you want, safely and with a light mind.


Boatngo Privilege Card : answers to your questions

How much does the Boatngo Privilege Card cost ?

The Boatngo Privilege Card is an annual subscription, offered at the rate of 359 € per year, including tax. The amount is payable in one go, on the subscription date, and then on the anniversary date the following year to renew the membership to the Privilege Program.

How do I subscribe to the Privilege Card ?

The subscription to the Boatngo Privilege Card can be done directly online, on this website, or by contacting our team, through the contact form, by email or by phone.

What is the validity of the Boatngo Privilege Card ?

The Boatngo Privilege Card is activated and valid as soon as you subscribe to the Privilege Program. Benefits are valid for one year, from date to date.

How many professionals are there in the Boatngo network ?

To meet all your boat maintenance and repair needs in a professional manner, in the shortest possible time and at the right price, Boatngo calls on more than 250 quality experts. Our team is able to intervene in all the ports of France and we privilege the professionals near your boat to offer you the best speed of service.

Est-il possible de bénéficier de la remise de 10% sur toutes les prestations ?

Oui, la remise de 10% est applicable sur le coût de main d’œuvre de toutes les prestations effectuées par Boatngo. Installation d’équipements neufs, révision moteur, dépannage en urgence, nettoyage partiel ou complet… Tous les travaux d’entretien, de maintenance et de réparation bateau sont désormais à votre portée ! Il n’y a pas de nombre maximum de prestations à réaliser chaque année.

Are there any fees when paying for Boatngo services in installments ?

No, there are no additional fees for paying Boatngo services in 2 or 3 installments. Whether you pay in one or more installments, you are still privileged !

Is the Boatngo Privilege Card personal ?

Yes, the Privilege Program is associated with a specific owner. Unfortunately the benefits cannot be shared with third parties. However, in the event of a vessel sale or purchase, it is possible to benefit from the Boatngo Privilege Card for the maintenance and repair of the new unit.

Can the annual diagnosis be done at any time of the year ?

Yes, Boatngo's Annual Boat Diagnostic can be performed on a date of your choice, subject to availability.

Is it possible to choose the professional to call for my boat ?

Boatngo puts at your disposal its network of certified professionals to assure you the realization of quality services, in the best time and at the right price. If you like one of the professionals we have already entrusted with your boat, you can ask us to call him again. You have in mind a professional you would like to work with ? Ask us if they are part of the Boatngo network !

Still have questions ?

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