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Do you own a boat and wonder how to take the best care of it ? You are right to be interested in this question! It is indeed by giving attention to your motorboat or sailboat that your property will last in time. Regularly checked and maintained, your boat will offer you the best sailing experiences. Freed from many worries, you will be able to make the most of your outings.

To enable you to develop your knowledge and skills in all boat maintenance and repair work, we provide you with some advice. Engine, electronics, plumbing, saddlery, sails and rigging... all the topics are covered to allow you to become more autonomous and to manage or have done the maintenance tasks related to your boat.

How to clean your motor boat or sailboat ? How to renovate your gelcoat ? Which products to use to respect the environment ? Why is it important to winterize your motor ? How to prepare your boat for the summer season ?

Take advantage of Boatngo's expertise!

Thanks to our articles, learn how to be vigilant to detect problems before they become too important and discover how to perform the easiest boat maintenance and repair tasks yourself. If you wish, you can also trust Boatngo's professional partners : delegate your various jobs to our team and benefit from the skills of certified experts, reliable, responsive and at the right price !

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