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Rental management: THE solution for cost-free maintenance ?

The rental management or the rental management of boats, corresponds to the situation where the owners of pleasure boats rent their boats during a period of the year when they do not use their boat. It is a process that is not really known by the general public, notably because people often tend to think that it is not possible to approach the world of boating without having the financial means and that it is a rather restricted universe. This is not the case ! In fact, boat rental management offers an advantageous access to people interested in the world of boating.

Boat rental management can be a unique experience, pleasant for the renter and economical for the owner of the boat, provided that this process is well implemented. To do this, Boatngo provides you with all the secrets of rental management to avoid unpleasant surprises on the one hand, and on the other hand, to allow you to save a lot of money on the maintenance of the vessel.

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For whom is this intended ?

Yacht charter management has no real frontiers, The person for whom the world of boating arouses interest can resort to rental management. Generally speaking, rental management involves three parties :

The rental agency : The rental agency will coordinate with a boat owner who will entrust them with his boat. The agency will then take care of defining the rules and conditions of the contract and will take care of finding the right renters with the right profile while ensuring the respect of the contract and the smooth running of the rental.

The owner of a boat : The boat owner will contact a rental agency in order to rent his boat according to certain predefined conditions. The owner of the boat will also have to indicate to the agency, the period of the year during which he intends to use his boat. The remaining time will only be dedicated to the rental.

The renter of the boat : the renter, does not wish to become an owner because he wishes to take advantage of a boat in a punctual way and/or does not want to have to deal with the maintenance. The rental management is a perfect alternative for him, he chooses when he wants to sail and does not have to worry about the condition of the boat. It is a turnkey offer.

What are the conditions ?

The conditions apply mainly to the owner of the boat. Indeed, when he wants to rent his boat, the rental agencies can offer him additional insurance to better cover the use of the boat.

For the owner it is essential to ensure that he is in good standing by referring to the policy of the "Division 240" which delimits the rules, the equipment and the safety formalities to be respected in the practice of boating. It separates the use for oneself and the provision of the boat.

There is also a form available in the annex to the policy. This form must be completed by the owner, it lists the different points to check such as smoke, life jackets or GPS. Vous retrouverez également la mise à disposition d’une série d’équipements qu’il faut impérativement avoir en possession, avant la navigation et selon le type de navigation pour lesquelles le bateau est destiné.

IMPORTANT ! Il y a une multitude d’entretiens mais certains sont indispensables tels que…

What are the advantages ?

There are many advantages to using boat rental management. Indeed, the pleasure boating industry is rather restricted and opaque. The goal of the rental management is to facilitate the access to this universe for the people who are interested in it.

The advantages are numerous and here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • It is a very reliable process since the rental company takes care of the expenses and risks of the boat management. It ensures the smooth running of the process.
  • The tenant takes full advantage of the pleasures of boating with the possibility of sharing his passion with his family and friends while meeting new people and exploring new landscapes.
  • The owner makes the maintenance of his boat profitable since he receives an income that he can use.
  • A boat that remains in good general condition with a cleaner hull, an engine in good condition and a reduced risk against burglary and squatting since the boat is often mobile.

What you need to remember

Boat rental management is a very beneficial process that facilitates access to the world of yachting and boating for everyone. Whether it's the boat owner who saves a lot of money on maintenance or the renter who can enjoy the boat of his dreams in all its aspects without necessarily making big expenses. La gestion locative est très fiable thanks to the rental agencies that reinforce the confidence of boaters by ensuring the smooth running of the event.

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