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Boat maintenance : the importance of cleaning

As a boater, you know that a boat is a jewel that contributes to your well-being and requires regular maintenance throughout the year. Indeed, some actions are essential and others are recommended such as cleaning.

Attention ! A boat requires careful and regular maintenance and there are different types of boats. 

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In this article, we will focus mainly on boat cleaning, which is one of the processes in the maintenance of your boat. Thus, we will see at first, the different types of cleaning. Then, what are the recommended equipments? Finally, we will see for what reasons the cleaning operation is important ?

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The different types of cleaning

Boat cleaning comes in two forms, there is the exterior cleaning of the boat as well as the interior cleaning. Often boaters give more importance to the interior cleaning since it is the living area of the boat. However, the exterior part is also very important. Therefore, we recommend that you anticipate and avoid any unpleasant surprises by doing a complete cleaning.

Interior cleaning :

  • Empty the garbage;
  • Clean the fridge;
  • Vacuuming;
  • Clean the floor;
  • Toilet emptying;
  • Clean the holds;

Exterior cleaning :

  • Rincer le bateau;
  • Brush the hull with biodegradable soap;
  • Brush the deck with biodegradable soap;
  • Clean the covers or sails;
  • Perform a complete rinse;
  • Wiping of the metallic glass parts with chamois leather;


N’oubliez pas de bien vous débarrasser du sel à chaque coin de votre bateau car c’est le pire ennemi des matériaux qui le composent. Indeed, it accelerates its degradation, especially its hull.

What are the recommended equipments ?

Cleaning is an operation to be followed with care and precision. To do this, it is important to be well equipped and to use the right material to avoid damaging your boat. It is also important to be careful with the products you use because they can damage your boat and also harm your own health or the marine environment because of their harmfulness.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the equipment needed :

The tools :

  • A broom;
  • A soft bristle brush;
  • Microfibers;
  • Chamois skin;

The products :

  • Nettoyant universel de ponts biodégradable (pH neutre recommandé);
  • Polishing cream for stainless steel;
  • Products for windows;

Why is the cleaning operation important ?

Boat cleaning is a rather tedious task, but nevertheless very important for your boat. As we have just seen, it is an operation that must be done with care and precision. Of course to avoid all the hard work you can hire professionals if you prefer.

Dans tous les cas, sachez qu’il existe plusieurs risques si vous ne faites pas attention à bien nettoyer votre navire. 

Voici une liste (non exhaustive) :

  • Risk of moisture penetration inside;
  • Risk of mold;
  • Repair and maintenance costs;
  • Degradation of the aesthetics of the boat;
  • Material degradation;

As you can see, if you don't take care to clean your boat properly, you may end up with a boat that is in poor condition, looks bad and needs various restorations. You should also be aware that you may find your boat damaged with dirt that has seeped deep into it, for which a standard cleaning will not be sufficient.

Obviously, proceeding with the cleaning and restoration at this time will be too late and will become an ordeal for you as a boater since you will have to call in a professional, which will cost you a lot of time and money. So remember that it is a very bad idea not to take care of cleaning your boat.

What you need to remember !

Il peut paraître futile d’apporter autant d’importance au nettoyage de votre bateau. Pourtant c’est une opération d’entretien comme une autre qui vous permettra de prolonger son bon état général et de garder sa fière allure à travers le temps.

And then, many of us like to pamper and make our ship shine, think of it as an enthusiast's pleasure.

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